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We import to Switzerland the excellence of the international wine production. 

We are passionate about selecting the best artisanal wine cellars.

About Us

Valsecchi 1926 is the company part of  VMO Group dedicated to the selection, distribution and sale in Switzerland of premium Wine & Spirits products. Valsecchi’s centennial experience in the food industry is now applied at the beverage world, with the same attention and care to excellence. Valsecchi 1926 chooses the best international wine producers to promote them and grow their business within the Swiss territory. Valsecchi 1926 arises from Mauro Valsecchi’s business vision and passion about the wine univers. The company’s offices are located inside  VMO Group headquarter in Chiasso..


HoReCa World

Dedicated to the industry’s professionals.

We select the best producers, with passion and commitment. We work to represent our wine cellars in a professional and reliable way, through the best distribution channels. Our team of experts manages the sales network on the Swiss sole, focused on consolidated high-profile customers. We import directly from our producers thanks to the collaboration with Valsecchi Consulting, a company part of the VMO Group family.

Our wine cellars directly at your restaurants and wine bars. Discover how to buy.

Retail world

Dedicated to final consumers.

The products of our cellars are available for sale to the public in our Valsecchi Store Online.

A rich and always updated range. High quality wines, native vines, niche products, big international names. From traditional to organic cultivation, craftsmanship and passion for viticulture.


Our companies directly to your home.

Find out how to buy.

Barilotti di vino

A new approach to the import process.

We represent our producers directly, without intermediary in Switzerland and all over the world, thanks to the collaboration with Valsecchi Consulting, a company part of the VMO Group family.

We are Export Managers for the wine cellars that we select and represent. Thanks to this direct relationship with the producers, we are able to obtain a great competitive and economic advantage. We provide a wide presence on the Swiss sole in every point of contact with the consumer.

We provide lean logistic and convenient prices for our industry’s professional, thanks to the “short chain”, find out how it works:

Bottiglie di vino
_DSC6748 2.JPG

A unique offer

We put the public and our companies in direct contact. We select only the best of international artisan production to offer our customers unique, distinctive and representative products of the passion and dedication of the manufacturing companies.

In our online shop we are able to offer qualitative excellence and competitive prices thanks to the "short chain", find out what it is:

Are you an industry professional?

 Dedicated to restaurants, wine bars, wine shops, caterings

Are you a wine lover?

 Dedicated to food & wine enthusiastics

Are you a wine producer?

Dedicated to the wine cellars that are interested in being imported and represented by our Team

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