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From the wine cellar to you, without intermediaries, and with the advantages of Valsecchi 1926 premium service.


Valsecchi 1926 method

Valsecchi 1926 competitive advantage is based on the direct relationship with the wine producers. Valsecchi Consulting, a company of the VMO Group family, with its team of professionals, runs the worldwide export management for the group of selected wine cellars.

Thanks to this collaboration, Valsecchi 1926 doesn’t operate as a traditional Swiss importer but represents widely its wine producers.


We shortened the distribution chain, offering to the industry professionals the possibility of buying with competitive prices.

We are the Export managers of our wine cellars, buying from Valsecchi 1989926 means ordering directly from them.

Bottiglie di vino

The Customer Service is our main strength: sommelier and wine professionals always available for our clients, lean logistic and well-stocked warehouse. 

The Swiss HoReCa world

We select the best producers with a keen eye on regional products, production processes and indigenous varieties preferably in purity. We love elegant and well-balanced wines, with strong character, able to represent their terroir’s characteristics.

We distribute allover Switzerland from our warehouse in Chiasso. We are proud of our long lasting collaborations with the best local restaurants, wine shops and bars.

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